I want to give my customers the feeling that what they purchase is made for them only. My gift to them is the uniqueness of the jewel I specially made for them to enjoy. 

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My Story

My Vision

Working with the client I aim to create a piece of jewellery that matches the person who will wear it. The choice of design is very individual and every stone is unique in its colour and form. Every type of setting has its own character. Filigree with the fine working of metal thread creates its own subtle effect.

A piece of jewellery usually marks a special moment: a love, birthday,  engagement, marriage, birth or remembrance of a loved one. This needs considerable thought to make sure that it really is fitting for the occasion and goes well with the person who will wear it.

Jewellery should also be timeless, not the product of a hype meaning it will be out of fashion in a few years. The ring that you give your wife should be able to be passed on to your granddaughter and worn with love and pride. 

For my first jewellery evening class I had to create my own design from a brass plate.  I wanted to fuse all the different types of anvil into one shape – that’s what became my logo. It expresses exactly what I want to create with my work – with many different techniques to make a beautiful piece of jewellery that suits the client.

From the training I have had at the National Dutch Goldsmith’s School in Schoonhoven I can use the many techniques to make the jewellery completely personal. 

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