Handmade Jewellery​
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Silver pendant “Flower”

The collection is based on my own inspiration from nature walks. As I observe the multitude of different shapes and forms all around us in flowers, shells, stones and trees this gives me ideas to create my own jewellery line.

Every piece is unique and from every model only a few are made. All the stones I have personally selected and set.

Silver pin “Humming Bird”

Please make an appointment to discuss your wishes and the design.  

I am the only person who sells my work. In this way I can guarantee the quality and service.

If you wish, it is also possible to re-work an old piece of jewellery you own into something new.

I hope to speak to you soon.

Side Gold unisex ring with 8 planes

For my first jewellery evening class I had to create my own design from a brass plate.  I wanted to fuse all the different types of anvil into one shape – that’s what became my logo. It expresses exactly what I want to create with my work – with many different techniques to make a beautiful piece of jewellery that suits the client.


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Gold ring “Marigold”

with chrysolite (peridote or olivine) gem